Is life only acceptance..
Taking in bitterness
Day by day
The departure
Descending ash
Is life acceptance..
Brown leaves
Veins of the Earth
Unopened letters
Returned with the mail
Unfinished books
Dried up ink
Life is acceptance
Gulps of pain
Gutted hearts
Waves not to return to the shore
The sun behind the clouds
Deserted places
Are we here,
To accept, to learn our fate
Bitter and  irrevocable.
Closed doors
High thresholds
The traffic lights always on red
The belief of the grey
Our life of acceptance

To Do List Christmas

Sing a song
Loud and clearly
Find a tree
Dark green with snow
Catch the squirell
And the rabbit
Sing a song
Stay very calm
All the presents, I have to buy
I hear the reindeers
In my sleep
Do the groceries
Find that pan
Write the cards
With happy wishes
Sing a song
To be kind
Christmas is a feast
Of happiness and peace

Sugar Pink Clouds

They think they can reach the heights
To cross the diamond sky
Where the waves of blue are residing
Braided with white thoughts
Tomorrow I will touch God's hand
And travel to his sugar pink land
I will rub his golden crown
Till the tears of glass are falling
From all his children
Over his beloved kingdom
I will be wrapped in silk, to dream
Of waving butterflies
Wait for the rain" he said
When the sky is thick of clouds
Heavy and grey
A sword will come down
To cut your dreams in two
One gold and one silver
Trade with the silver
Keep the gold, in your hands
It will grow a heart
Where we both will live in..

Christmas Tree

What do I see..
Putting up the Christmas tree
Dinner for you and me
Things we thought, were so free
Like singing and dancing
Because Christmas is entrancing
You carried an expensive wine
Is everything a rhyme?
Is falling
Our breath stolen
What do I see
Silver balls
Christmas lights
So much green
Red ribbons
Love and warm kisses
What do I see
A Christmas tree
Filled with light
And soft memories

Dublin Lace

I saw you on the streets of Dublin
Your hair curled up in a shell
Covered with lace
Pale and smelling like the water
Pike, Carp and Tench
The oldies, our bricks
Our wooden tables, warm chairs
And the smell of Guinness
It still hurts how good you look
So fresh and clean as the morning dew
The pain of your beautiful face
Pressing on my heart
Lost in the squares of your dress
Counting them with my finger
Faultless, ironed
Her cloved hand in his
Her young child, his first steps
On the streets of Dublin
Her red lips, dry and blissful
A perfect picture
I wish it was mine to look at
A mother with her child
A dream of taking her
To rip off her immaculate clothes
Wash away that mask
Of lies and pretention
We could be one again
On fields of yellow hay
Close to the cows who give us milk
Filled with dreams of green..


Her name, a place of oranges
And the hot burning sun
She painted velvet
Guided by her brushes
Flowers in her mind
She gave life to her paint
The bull, her Lord
Grazing around
The desert, his mistress
The deep silence
Who brought Georgia peace
Voices in white stones
Close to the mountains
A place where men deeply fell
The highs and lows spoke to her
In a language of voices
Raining of colors
The city became her enemy
Dreams of moving mountains
To find them on her canvas
A place they can call home..

My Lovely Sun

How are you Sun
Will you shine today
Will you wear gold or yellow
Or shades of tangerine
Will you burn with fire
Or can we spot some cold
Light blue ice
Will you reach the Earth
Or will you leave us in the dark
My lovely Sun
What are your dreams
Are they, to make plants grow
To let flowers bloom
To make the grass green
Or shades of yellow
To create more sand
Where you can glow in
Is it your dream
To vaporize the seas
To make us dry
As cold hard leather
My lovely Sun
Enlighten my soul
Sing again
Leave an umbrage or a footprint
On my lonely heart..